Are You In for Incubus' New Music and 2015 Tour?

Good news for Incubus fans out there (including me)! Incubus just recently announced that fans can expect new music from the band come 2015. Along with that, they are also going on tour! Fantasic!

Brandon Boyd was the first to broke the news during a radio interview while he was on the road with his solo band, Sons of the Sea. On August 12, 2014, Mike Einziger posted the photo below on his Instagram account - sending fans on a frenzy! 

He then posted a photo of his "shop" the following day.

Then, on August 20, Mike posted this on his Twitter account!

Then Brandon's tweet about them performing on Soundwave Festival in Australia along with Faith No More and Soundgarden. (Pretty lucky for the lads over there at down under.)

On August 21, Mike posted this sweet photo of the band on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The photo was reposted on Incubus' Facebook page along with the confirmation of a North American tour and yes, the rest of the world.

Sweeeeet! Here's hoping they'll make a stop here in Manila. If we're lucky, it could be in time for the 2015 7017 International Music Festival. Hey, lads over at 7107, please make this happen!

Pardon me but I have to cut this post about this stellar news short. I need a moment to freak out. :D

*Image credits to Incubus Facebook page, Mike's Instagram account.

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