Amazing Photography by Trey Ratcliff

So, I'm back to being a stumbler on StumbleUpon. Really, it's a great way to find amazing things on the internet. Great, for finding ideas for blog post as well. And so, I stumbled on this one amazing photographer. His name is Trey Ratcliff.

I saw his portfolio, a collection of mind-blowing photos really. I just had to post about his works on this blog. When I checked out Trey's blog, I saw that he is from Queenstown, New Zealand. He has an amazing bio, it's crazy! He's the owner of the first HDR photo to ever hang in the Smithsonian. Did you read that? S.M.I.T.H.S.O.N.I.A.N! He's also been a speaker at several Tech and Photography talks including Google Zeitgeist. Or maybe, I'm just ignorant because I don't know much about photography.

Check out more amazing photos like these on Trey Ratcliff's Portfolio!

To know more about Trey Ratcliff, visit his blog: Be a fan on Facebook. Follow him on Twitter. Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

*All image credits goes to Trey Ratcliff. Please visit his blog and contact him for any licensing inquiries.

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