#NewMusicDiscovery: This Is A Lifetime

Recently, I've been discovering new music through my twitter feeds. How? I've been getting new followers and a few interactions from bands/artists. It's kinda flattering for someone like me (who's just a nobody on the internet). So, I've promised myself that I will find some time to help them by blogging about them and their music. Here's my first: THIS IS A LIFETIME.

Photo Credits: TIAL Facebook
This Is A Lifetime or TIAL is a metal band from Northeast Ohio. Stevie James on vocals, Mike Oiler on guitar and clean vocals, Morgan Patterson on bass and Joe Czekaj on drums are the band. I checked out their profile on Battle of the Bands Warped Tour; and yes, I voted for them. On their Facebook page's About section, "Follow your dreams :: Destroy anything in your way." is written. Huh, Hatebreed's influence? Oh, I'm getting more curious. You know, 'coz I love Hatebreed. 

So anyway, I checked out the band's profile on Facebook as well as their website to see if I could listen to some of their songs. There are 5 songs available on their page and you can listen to them to your heart's content. There are also 4 songs up on the Battle of the Bands Warped Tour 2014 page. Yup, I listened to all of the songs! Since it was the first on the list, I listened to Witness first. My first thoughts? Nice. The guttural growl of Stevie and the clean vocals of Mike is a perfect combination! Oh my God! I would love to watch a live performance of this band. Too bad I'm not from around the US or I'll have watched a show or two by now. Well, I have no choice but to wait for them to do a world tour and drop by Manila for the Asian leg. Hey guys (TIAL), make it in the near future alright?

Photo Credits: TIAL Bandcamp
Next, I listened to Clarity since it's also the title of their album. I totally LOVED IT! It could just be me, but the balance of heavy guttural singing and clean, even sweet, vocals appealed to me so much. I couldn't stop listening. In fact, while dong this blog post, I have listened to Witness and Clarity from their Facebook page, the Battle of the Bands page, and their Bandcamp page. And I have listened to the two songs twice from each page. Crazy, huh? Right now, I'm listening to Ascend. Why does this have only 17 plays on there? Yes, this one is on the heavier side but it's a great song nonetheless. Earlier, I also listened to Survival and Price. Equally great songs. Although, it's clear now that Clarity, Witness and Ascend are my top choices. But, I am downloading all of the 5 songs; I just need to add funds to my Paypal account first. :D

Huh, why don't I know about this band until now? They don't even have their own Wiki page yet. Could somebody set up one for them please? I would have done it but I don't have information about them; only the tidbits I could find on their band page and Facebook. But seriously, I hope these guys find their place in the international music battleground soon. People need to hear their music. Best of luck, TIAL! I hope you're here for a lifetime.


For more information about the band, you can check out their Facebook page. There, you can listen to the songs I was talking about as well as support them by buying their digital album and merch.

Follow them on Twitter! @thisisalifetime   
Subscribe to their YouTube channel! YT/user/thisisalifetime
Add them on your circles! +thisisalifetime
Stream their music on Spotify! Artist: This Is A Lifetime

You can also check out their bandcamp page. Through the bandcamp app (which is also on their Facebook page), you can buy their songs at any price you want; minimum $1. You can pay using credit card or through Paypal. It's a small amount to pay but I'm sure it would mean a lot and help the band a long way.

While you're at it, check out their bio on Battle of the Bands Warped Tour 2014 and vote for them! Share the band's bio to your friends and encourage them to vote as well. I'm sure the band would appreciate it very much.

And don't forget to catch them at shows near you! BandsInTown: This Is A Lifetime :)

Disclaimer: I'm not a music critic. I won't know what to do with the technical aspects of music to begin with. I just write about songs and bands/artists who for me deserves to be heard. I just hope that if you're reading my blog, you have an open mind and try new things (or in this case listen to new songs/bands); you might like it too.

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