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I remember the first time I heard One Republic on radio, I wasn't too enthusiastic about them. That was the time when I'm really immersed in heavy metal and gothic rock. I didn't care much about alternative music especially if they are too "pop" for my taste. Yeah, the first time I heard Ryan Tedder's voice over the airwaves, he was singing Apologize and it was Timbaland's remix version. So, you will forgive me if I didn't really care about them at the time.

However, my husband who's more into alternative and pop rock at that time (yeah, I was the one who influenced him to dig the heavier stuff) convinced me to try to listen to the original version of Apologize. He told me that I should actually try listening to the entire album; which is Dreaming Out Loud. He was really impressed with Ryan Tedder. I did; I tried listening to the original version of Apologize. I loved it. And the rest, as you would say, is history.

I am now partly in love with Ryan Tedder's voice and yeah, I'm quite excited that they're actually stopping by Manila for their Native Tour. Sadly, money is tight right now and I'm not sure if I can afford to buy a ticket to their show on November 6, 2013 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Any hoo, I am writing this blog post to tell you just how excited I am and what songs I would love to hear them perform live. Here goes:

1. Apologize

Since this is the very first song I've heard from One Republic, of course I'd love to hear it live. I'd love to be there in person and feel the emotions of this song. 'Coz you know, that's how Ryan sings; he sings straight to your heart.

2. Stop and Stare

Just like Apologize, this is another epic One Republic song. I think if you are kind of depressed and you listen to this song alone in your room, you're gonna cry. Or maybe that just me cause I'm too emo. But, whatever. I would love to see how Ryan Tedder pours his emotions into this song on the 6th of November.

3. Good Life

I like this song because it's something that anyone can relate to and one that can make you feel good. It's like if I'm having a bad day, I would listen to this song and I'd feel better. So yeah, hearing it live and seeing the band perform it would definitely make me feel good; maybe even prompt me to say "It's gonna be a good life!" :D

4. If I Lose Myself

What's not to love about this song? It's a rock (maybe pop rock) ballad that you would dedicate to your loved ones or maybe that one person you love; someone who you would like to be with you if the world ends tomorrow. I can already feel the energy rising inside that Big Dome as the band performs this song!

5. Counting Stars

Just because the music video features an alligator and I think it's kinda relevant to the current situation in the Philippines? That's part of it, yes. But, I fell in love with Ryan Tedder all over again when I first heard this song. Count the stars with him? Oh, yes please! Seriously, I can imagine myself dancing to this tune when they perform this live. I imagine I'd totally lose myself and will not care if I'm annoying other concert-goers around me. And yeah, I don't dance so I can see why some people would not appreciate me going crazy.

*Special mention would be Secrets and a few cover songs that the band have previously performed. How about their cover of Oasis' Don't Go Away and The Verve's Bitter Sweet Symphony? That would be fantastic; seeing as I also adore those two bands. 

Try to listen (or watch the videos) to these songs and tell me that you don't feel my excitement for their upcoming concert. Hey, it's not everyday that you get the chance to see a great band with a great singer and songwriter perform live. And besides, I would love to see for myself if Ryan Tedder can really hit that high note - B above high C. Let's hope that November 6, 2013 is a good day for him. :)


One Republic will be in Asia for their Native Tour. They have a total of 6 six shows across China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and ending in the Philippines on November 6. The final leg of the 2013 tour will be in Australia and New Zealand.

The Philippine leg of Native Tour is presented by Midas Promotions. For more information, check out their Facebook Page.

*Nuffnang Philippines is giving away tickets to One Replublic's Native Tour concert on November 6, 2013. (The very reason why I am writing this blog post - to try and score me some tickets. So please, help me cross my fingers!) Check out mechanics here.

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