Dear Tom Clancy

Where ever you are right now, I just want to say Thank You.

For the books, the stories you've brought in this world. For Jack Ryan, Robby Jackson, Ding Chavez and John Clark. For teaching me the different parts of a submarine, a carrier, a frigate, a cruiser and destroyer among others. Your books have piqued my interest in different fighter and S&R aircraft, different kinds and types of military weapons; they have (for a while) inspired me to join the military. Thank you so much for the story of bravery, courage and patriotism.

I wasn't aware that you're having problems with your health. I was expecting you to write more books and expand Jack Ryan Jr.'s universe. In my heart, I think I was wishing that you'd be healthy and strong enough to finish Jack Jr.'s arc. That you'd still write more books. But, don't worry. Even if you can't write any more books, I'm keeping a piece of you with me - a small collection of your books. I will forever be your fan. 


My love for your works actually started when my college professor and friend introduced me to espionage and military science genre. The Hunt for Red October was the first book I've read. I was instantly hooked. Next thing I know, I was constantly browsing bookstores and frequenting book sales to get copies of the entire Jack Ryan series.

After reading Patriot Games, I've read Red Storm Rising and boy, was I glad I did. It was like being transported into a Gulf War-like setting. Reading this book felt like I was actually maneuvering alongside the characters, like being aboard the carriers and stealth planes. I felt like I've actually been to Keflavik, Iceland. This book and The Hunt for Red October are my favorites.

The Cardinal of the Kremlin is, for me, a classic example of rivalry between the United States's CIA and Russia's KGB. It presents intimate details about how the KGB works; constantly in a contest of subterfuge with the CIA. It's a battle of supremacy between the two intelligence agencies. This is where I've first met John Clark and other recurring characters in other sequels like Executive Orders and The Bear and the Dragon. On the other hand, Clear and Present Danger tells a story about military missions being compromised and how it can be fatal especially on another country's soil. This is where I've met Ding Chavez.

I've read most of these books during my last 2 years in college and right after. Some books I've even finished reading in one sitting without - skipping a page. I stayed up all night just to finished even the thickest paperback in a single sitting. These books helped in keeping me sane during those crazy days known as college life.

To this day, there are only a few titles I haven't read; with the exception of the non-fiction books. I've even read all books from other universe such as Net Force, Power Plays and Op-Center. 

The Sum of All Fears (1991)
Without Remorse (1993)

Rainbow Six (1998)
The Bear and The Dragon (2000)

Dead or Alive (2010)

The Archimedes Effect (Net Force universe)
Balance of Power (Op-Center universe) (Power Plays universe)

I've got this little collection of all your books, Tom. Sadly, these are all what's left of the entire collection. I'm missing some of my books; not sure if I left it in our town or someone borrowed it. I'm missing my copy of The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Executive Orders, Debt of Honor, and all the other books from the Net Force universe, Op-Center universe and Power Plays universe. Perhaps they are among those I've lost when the apartment I was renting was destroyed by a storm.

I plan on restoring the collection, however. I want to honor you that way. I'd also like for my son to have the collection and get to know your works when he grow up.

Once again, Thank You. May you rest in peace and where ever you are, regal them with your stories of espionage and warfare. Keep them entertained. Just like you kept me entertained and thousands of other people around the world. 


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