Wear It Your Way with Wacoal

What are the three outfits that you can fashionably wear your way with Wacoal's Wear Your Way Bra?

1. Summer Dress.
Source: WholeSale7

This colorful outfit bares the shoulder and a conventional bra is just a no-no. But, with Wacoal's SB 2101 bra, I don't have to worry. This versatile bra allows you to wear it with halter straps - which perfectly matches the cut of the dress above.

2. Cocktail/Evening Dress.

Source: CoolSpotters
So, it's Friday night and everybody's partying out. This cocktail dress will be just the perfect attire to get fashionably sexy for either bar hopping or a formal dinner. And since this one is bare on the shoulders, it's time to choose a bra that will stay up and in place even without straps. Now, Wacoal's LB5068 with removable straps is the perfect undergarment. This strapless bra speaks of elegance and is designed give the support you need for those glamorous occasions. 

3. Casual Day/Office Attire

Source: StyleHive
Everyday wear doesn't mean wearing just any other clothes or undergarment. Even a normal day at the office should be a celebration of fashion and beauty. A nice shirt with a jacket or blazer won't be complete with a reliable and quality bra. Now, this Wacoal BM 1455 bra is what you need. This bra has seamless design and provides increased coverage. The detachable straps which can be worn as conventional, halter, crisscross or even one-sided truly says "Wear It Your Way."

With Wacoal's selection of high-quality and fashionable undergarments, you will always find one that will suit your needs for every occasion. 


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