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If you were to star in your own movie, what would your story be?
I am a fan of military and spy novels. And whenever I am reading a Tom Clancy or a Robert Ludlum novel, I would always imagine that I am in the story and that it would make a really great movie. So, I guess if ever I get to star in my own movie, it would be a Red Storm Rising type of movie. An exciting spy vs spy and a complex plot to seize the oil fields in the Gulf. I will be a team leader of a fighter squad! 

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That will be very exciting since it was my dream to join the military or become a naval pilot; which never happened because of my height.

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Anyway, I will be a naval pilot aboard the carrier USS Nimitz. I will lead a team of air fighters to prevent further damage to the NATO carrier battle group when the Soviet Badgers and Backfire bombers attack. The amphibious assault carrier Saipan and the carrier of the French Army, Foch, were both destroyed. But, both the Nimitz and Saratoga only sustained minor damages. As the USS Nimitz are forced to stay in the docks, I will fly a Tomcat (F-14 fighter jet) to Keflavik, Iceland to support the NATO ground forces in the area and restore the SOSUS (Sound Surveillance System) line that enables NATO to keep the North Atlantic theater protected at all times --- meaning, no enemy can travel the waters undetected.
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The main objective of this NATO operation is to force the Soviet to withdraw it's forces in the Gulf with as less casualty as possible. Hence, we need to stop the Soviet's advancing by breaking the formations; blocking their rations and destroying their provisions. 
The ending of this movie will still be bloody; as you can't avoid it when you are faced with extremists and fanatics. But, in the end, there is still a sensible Politburo member who will realize the huge mistake that they are making. The Soviet and NATO forces will agree to a cease fire and withdrawal to pre-war lines. 
~ The End ~
Okay. I have another plot on my mind. But this time, it involves a sport that I love --- racing. I will be a woman who's grown up with a mechanic for a father. Since my father and I is really close to each other, I will be a Papa's girl (which, I really am in real life) and will learn the ropes of a car engine at a young age. Being a know-it-all when it comes to valve trains and 6-cylinders, I will also fall in love with racing, specifically Formula 1. And I will work hard and give my all just to join one of the teams in the world's most prestigious racing sports. 
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With a struck of luck, I will be contacted by a friend who works at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. That friend will recommend me to work as a mechanical engineer for Scuderia Ferrari, the racing team division of the Ferrari automobile marque. Of course, I will say yes even though what I really wanted is to drive a Ferrari not fix it's engine or figure out downforce. It's a start, right?

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Okay. So I will work hard and do my best and I am racing in underground races whenever the team is in Brazil. One time, I will try to race in a local stock car racing in Indianapolis. I will sweep the competition and the team manager will saw me. Damn, my heart would beat like it's trying to come out of my chest. Am I going to lose my job because I won in a stock car race? Okay, so he (yes, it's rare for an F1 team to have women on their payroll) walked up to me with this look in his eyes. Finally, he said, "Would you like to test drive for the team?" (Okay, if this is happening in real life, I would've fainted because I would run out of breath within 2 seconds.)

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So, I would say yes. I will test drive during one of the team practices in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and I will impress the whole crowd. Of course, I would! Yay! I will become a test driver for Michael Schumacher (I know he's retired but hey, this is my own movie).

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After a few years of being a test driver for Mr. Formula 1 Championships (hey, he kept winning them all), he decided to just spend his life along the sidelines. He will recommend me to become his replacements. (Shame, this is just all in my head.) Determined to be on the top, I will practice, work very hard (even forget about having a good time outside of work) just to achieve my dreams --- to become the first female driver to win a Formula 1 Championship. I will get that cup eventually. And I will fall in love with my fiercest rival, Sebastian Vettel. (Hey, stop protesting! This is my blog and my own movie plot.)

Such a nice, fast and furious ending huh? I do think so. And I also know that it will be great watching these two movies with pop corns. Now, don't you just go and grab just any other pop corn; better grab Kettle Korn pop corn (any flavor is equally good so go grab all variants!)! Kettle Korn makes watching movies a-poppin' fun all the time because they are guaranteed fresh all the time --- did I mention they have different variants which are all equally flavorful and delicious? I did? Okay.

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Enjoy the movies! :)

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