Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men

So, here's the latest movie date promo from Nuffnang - and this time, they have partnered with Kojie.san Men to bring us "Taken 2"! Isn't that exciting?

Taken 2
Anyway, as the title indicates, I have to explain to you about preserving mankind by answering this question:

"How can one preserve the concept of manliness in this modern age of liberal views and cultural influences?” 

Back when I was a kid, I remember seeing shows on TV about how a man should act like a caveman and a woman be treated the way a man wants to treat her. Really, watching television has had lots of effects in the kinds of stereotyping that we all are experiencing up to the modern era - that is today. That's why it's so refreshing to see how things are changing, albeit slowly. The revolution started when women started turning the tables around; ripping those stifling stereotyping. But, are we women really so different when it comes to what we expect from the men around us? Can you say we're not stereotyping them?

Who among you do not cringe, even just a little bit, when you hear a man who is uber vain or likes to watch chick flicks without their girlfriends? Come on! At some point, I admit that I do cringe. But, I realized that's not being fair. So, let's have these modern men do what they think seems good for them.

I think as a woman, I can help preserve the concept of manliness in general by not being too biased and stop following stereotyping so much. 

I really think there's nothing wrong with your man wanting to get a pedicure. Hey, if they can get a pedicure or allowed to get it for their wedding, why can't they do it whenever they feel like it? Are weddings and other formal occasions the only times they can have their nails groomed? Is there anything wrong if a man wants to keep his face clean and pimple-free? Let them buy and use all the beauty soaps they want! At least, if they are spending their own money for them. Why do we question a man's gender when we see them wearing skinny jeans? If they can pull it off, then let them. There's nothing wrong with being vain as long as he's not trying to be prettier than you - his girlfriend or wife! Would you rather your man look like he hasn't taken a bath in days? Excuse me, but I'd rather not have my man looked like he's slept in his clothes for days and hasn't washed his face.

Now for you guys out there, when it comes to manners. Go on and treat your woman as your equal if that's what she likes. Let her open her damn door if that's what pleases her. Let her drive or buy your drinks. BUT never, ever throw away your good manners just because gender equality is what most of us women are seeking these days. Nothing makes you less manly when you're rude.

One way to preserve the concept of manliness in this modern age of liberal views and cultural influences is to break gender stereotypes. Don't adhere to what's expected of you because of what's between your legs. Go on doing the things that make you feel good - and most especially, make you happy. But, please don't go parading yourself like someone died and you've been made king - in short, don't be a douchebag and mind your manners.


As mentioned above, this Nuffnang promo is in partnership with Kojie.san Men. You can check out their Facebook page by clicking the photo below to know more about the Kojie.san Men’s Club.

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