Let's Move & Let's Love

I believe that every thing you do has a purpose; whether you are conscious about it or not. And each and every little thing that you do has an effect on you as well as other people's life. I realized this because I've been hurt more often by other people's seemingly innocent comments. If I get hurt about that, then perhaps I am also hurting other people with what I say and my actions.

Last month, I made a promise to myself that I will think hundred times before I say or do things.

Think before I speak.

I also realized that since I gained weight, I started hating my body. I don't even try to really look myself in the mirror. But, it's wrong. If I don't love my body, I can't think of it as part me and I might neglect my health as result. So starting this month, I will love my body and take care of it.

I will love my body.
Lastly, I need to make a move and show my family just how much I love them; from my husband and son to my parents and siblings and other parts of my extended family. Last week, I have a friend who passed away. She was a very nice person. I was older than her by at least 5 years but she's the kind who can get along with almost everyone. She has this infectious smile. She was so young and yet she passed away just one month after being diagnosed with stage 5 kidney cancer. And she was gone. I wasn't even able to say goodbye to her because I can't go home to Bicol. 

A realization hit me. Time is of the essence when it comes to showing someone how much you love them; make them feel just how much you care. You wouldn't know when will your last chance be.

So, I've committed to showing the people I love just how much I LOVE them. Every day, every little things, every step of the way - I will make them feel just how much. From simple things like making coffee for my husband (which by the way I always do) to helping my son with his lessons. I will make an extra effort to visit my parents and cook for them. :)

I will show my family how much I LOVE them.

Aw. Now, I didn't mean for this post to be a bit gloomy.

When it comes to the environment, I've started a long time ago to bring reusable bags when I'm shopping or going to the groceries. I usually refused for my purchases to be packed in separate plastic bags. I want to be a part of the green revolution to save the planet Earth.
Love Earth
So, why am I making all these pledges? Because I want to be part of the "Benetton's Let's Move & Let's Love Blog Contest" where I get the chance to try Benetton's newest fragrances, Let’s Move for men and Let’s Love for women.

Let's Love

Let's Move

I've always been a fan of Benetton fragrances. My husband and I have Hot and Cold, actually. :D

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