New Domain, New Design

After giving it much thought, I've finally decided to buy a domain. It's not that expensive anyway since I'm still hosted by Blogger for free. I've been persuaded by friends and also I thought it's a good incentive for me to keep this blog active. I'm glad I did! Look at this blog now, I'm not ashamed to put the link on my Facebook and Twitter profile anymore. Haha. 

War of Hearts and Minds New Design and New Domain
Header and Slide
Several themes and hundreds of HTML code tweaking after - it looks good enough for me. I just hope that it does for you too. I know there are still many things that I need to improve on this blog. My writing, for one. One step at a time, one step at a time.

War of Hearts and Minds New Design and New Domain
Post Summary
So, my journey into blogging (this time taking it seriously) has begun. Through this blog, I wish to share my thoughts on different things that interest me - and perhaps people out there will fancy too. 

Hope you enjoy what I'm going to post in here. Give me your thoughts! :)

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