Johan Santana and the Mets Made History with No-No

I've always been a fan of baseball; even played some during my high school years. Shame that there are no professional baseball here in the Philippines. So, I've always followed the MLB (Major League Baseball) in the US. I have no particular team, though. Nonetheless, I was also in a celebratory mood when I've read up on Twitter that Johan Santana, pitcher for the New York Mets, has thrown the first no-hitter in the entire history of Mets.

Johan Santana and NY Mets
Mets' No-Hitter
So, what exactly is a no-hitter? In general terms, a no-hitter or no-no is a game in which a team wasn't able to record a single hit. But, in MLB terms, this is defined as a completed game wherein a team has recorded no hits after at least 9 innings. There are only 275 pitchers who have thrown a no-hitter in the history of MLB; the latest being Johan Santana who put out the Mets on the list of teams who have not a no-hitter. Only the San Diego Padres is on that list now.

What's sweet about this feat is that Santana is just coming back from his injury (one that actually happened back in 2010). It is a shoulder injury and not many people come back from that one unscathed. In short, no one expected Santana to play that good. Besides, they were playing against the current World Series champions. And he striked out David Freese! Well, Freese is just the reigning World Series MVP and a Babe Ruth Award holder. What say you? Hah!

Anyway, that was an 8-0 Met win and it's gone down the MLB history. Friday, 1st of June 2012.

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