On Losing Weight and Drinking to It

I've been a loyal follower of Reader's Digest Asia since last year. Actually, I've been reading Reader's Digest ever since I can remember. My aunt has a stashed of them back when I was still staying with them circa 1990s. One thing I like about Reader's Digest, online and the book, is that I always learn something. Besides, they have fun contests and great giveaway prizes! Yay!

Anyway, this post will be about something I've read from their website the other day. It's about the 5 Drinks to Help You Lose Weight. Most of what's included in the article, I've already read or hear about. Still, it wouldn't hurt to be reminded. This is actually more for me than anyone else since I've been trying to lose weight for years now and can't seem to stick to any regimen.

weight loss
Weight Loss

So according to the article, if you want to really lose weight, you don't just "watch what's on your plate, but also what's in your glass." Pretty poetic, that. It says to avoid bottled (or canned) fruit juices and beverages because they are loaded with sugars (okay, goodbye Fit 'N Right) and instead load up on these 5 drinks:

Water. As with most weight loss tips I've read, water is an important part of any weight loss regimen. It is an effective way to lose weight because it helps increase metabolic rate. Hey, that's what WebMD is saying! So, it would help to take that 8 glasses a day. Boring to drink that many water? RD Asia has an advice on that. You can try adding fresh lemon slices, or cucumber or lime to add flavor. 

Carrot Juice
Carrot Juice
Vegetable Juice. According to the article, whether you drink it fresh or in can, this is an excellent way of adding fiber and nutrients to your body - which can help in losing weight. There are many varieties of canned or bottled vegetable juices but low-sodium ones are more advisable. It says that drinking vegetable juices will keep you feel full longer and they have that tangy flavor which will keep the taste buds happy. ***In my case, I doubt it. That's the reason why I haven't tried vegetable juice (of any kind). I don't like icky feel and tastes in my mouth. But since it's healthy and can help me lose weight, I might try it some time.

Unsweetened Tea. Tea, especially green tea, has been known and proven to help boost the body's metabolic rate like water. Thus, it can help speed up weight loss. You can have it iced or hot just make sure to use natural sweeteners like honey. Or you can go for the no-sugar way; it's healthier. Black tea and oolong tea are also recommended. ***I've been taking green tea for the past months and I can say that this one is really effective. 

Black Coffee
Black Coffee
Black Coffee. Caffeine can suppress hunger and therefore help in boosting weight loss. Whether you go for a cup of steaming coffee or the iced one, it will help you boost metabolism. Coffee is said to stimulate thermogenesis; which heat the body up and boost metabolic rate. But, you have to make sure to stick to black coffee - add only very little sugar and skim milk. ***I'm a coffee-lover so this should not be very hard to follow. However, I seldom like it black. :(

Skim Milk. I've heard many tips about drinking milk to boost weight loss. Apparently, not all milk could do it. You have to stick to skim milk or any low-fat versions so you can get the vitamins your body needs but not added fat. For those working out, you can try low-fact milk with a little chocolate - it's a great drink for post-workout muscle recovery according to RD Asia.

Okay. Among all these 5, I've only been religiously following the habit of drinking green tea - most of the time unsweetened. I need to do something about my urge to put sugar in every cup I made, though. And I will make it a habit to drink more water from now on. What about you? Any weight loss tips that you can share?

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