The Hunger Games Book Covers

When it comes to reading, I have long broken the walls that confined me to reading military fictions. Yes, I've been an avid reader of anything that involves guns, fighter planes, submarines, cruisers and guided missiles. After testing the waters of fantasy and paranormal fictions, I got hooked too. Or maybe it's just me; I'm easy to please. 

So, when the craze over The Hunger Games movie begun, I'm no stranger to its story anymore. I've read it sometime ago, though just the first book of the trilogy. Soon, I'm reading it all over again and then finished the other 2 books (and read all three at least twice). Call me crazy but I can't wait for the next film. Meantime, I've found this collection of international The Hunger Games book covers on its Wiki page.

The Hunger Games - US and Philippines
US Edition Book Cover

A number of the book covers are actually the same, with only the language changed. The cover above is the US edition; it's also the cover of the copies distributed here in the Philippines. But, there are several which are different. Check them out!

The Hunger Games - Spain

This cover from Spain is the same as the US edition covers, the only difference is the language. The same goes for the book cover editions distributed in Brazil, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Turkey and Vietnam.

The Hunger Games - Denmark

The Hunger Games - Denmark

These two are the cover editions distributed in Denmark. The last one is actually similar with the cover distributed in Sweden - with slight variations.

The Hunger Games - UK

This is the book cover edition from UK. The girl in the cover is the one used for the illustrated versions of the novel.

The Hunger Games - Russia

Of all the book covers, I like this one the most. I think it's perfect!

The Hunger Games - Dutch

Now, this Dutch edition cover while beautiful is not really what I would expect from the novel. It looks more like a Mills and Boons cover (well, that's my own opinion).

The Hunger Games - Japan

I just love how Japan could turn almost everything into anime. Looking at this cover made me think of Bleach and One Piece.

The Hunger Games - China

Hmmm... This book cover brought to mind only one thing. But, I'm not telling what. :D

The Hunger Games - Germany

The Hunger Games - Israel

The book covers from Israel and Germany has the same design. Of course, with the obvious difference. Can you spot it? No? Well, duh!

The Hunger Games - Greek

And this is the Greek edition book cover. More like the US cover, only everything's set in center.

The Hunger Games - Italy

This book cover edition from Italy is actually the same as those from Israel and Germany in terms of theme. You see, they all use the idea of the woman hiding in the leaves. But, I like Italy's version better. It's darker. Promises of sinister events.

The Hunger Games - Romania

How about this one from Romania? Maybe it's designed to signify the dawn of the age in the upcoming second and third installments? 

Well, that's it! The book covers I found. Hope you liked them as I did. By the way, if you want to learn more about The Hunger Games Universe, you can check out their Wiki page here for more information.

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