A Blog Give Away - NYX Make Up

Hey there!

It's my (sort of) come back post so I want this to be a feel-good one. :) What's more feel-good than giving others a chance to win exciting items? Yes, I'm blogging about a give away... a chance to WIN NYX Products from Psychedelic Me by Isha!

My sister - who's a make up addict - told me about this give away three days ago. She was ecstatic and told me to join so that if I win - well, guess what - she can have the prizes. Yeah, that's my sister. I was busy at that time so I decided to just bookmark the post and do it on a later date - which is now. I love my sister, though she's a bit eccentric, so I am trying to win this blog contest for her.

Girls out there, if you love make ups and are fans of vanity, you should definitely join this blog give away. The prizes at stake are:

1 NYX For Your Eyes Only ,Smokey eyes Palette
6 NYX Round lipstick (my choice of shade/color)
1 Mega shine Lip gloss

Awesome, right? 

You can check out the contest on Psychedelic Me's blog. The give away contest can be found HERE

So what are you waiting for? Join this blog give away contest and who knows, you might just get these lovely prizes.

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