A Walk to Remember

Okay. I know this sounds cazy but I am dying to watch this movie. I've been going ga-ga over it for 3 days now. You might ask, "Isn't it a bit too late?" I know, right? It's been 7 years since this movie came out on theaters and here I am just about to watch it (nah, not just about... still have to wait till my so unreliable ISP become stable and allow me a decent download). And yes, pardon me because I am not in the mood to trot around and look for a copy on discs. Partly, because I am ashamed to admit that I am actually going crazy over a sappy movie.
I don't know what's with me and sappy movies. Maybe, because I am so easily touched by emotional scenes that even the movie Up made me cry? Ugh. I hate to admit that but there goes.
So, I've also downloaded a copy of the ebook. I am planning to watch the movie and read the novel. And just like the old, dumb critic that I can be... I wanted to make comparisons. That's actually one of my hobbies. Comparing books to their movie adaptations. So far, the Bourne Trilogy has been the best ones to pissed me off. Haha. Don't wanna go into details.
Anyway, will let you know what happens. :)


There are significant changes from the storyline but still the movie nailed it down. And what can I say? It made me cry like an idiot.

The verdict: The book (of course) is better than the movie but the movie is good on its own. Mandy Moore definitely gave justice to Jamie Sullivan's character.

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