Just when I thought I have already lost interest with Jenny, I found out I am very wrong. Geez! It's the opposite! I am missing Jenny now...

Oh, you might wonder... who's Jenny? Well, actually not who. Jenny is a song from The Click Five. The first time me and my husband have heard it, we both decided it is a good song and that we both love it. And upon my return to the now defunct US Auto Parts Network Legazpi Office (sadness came rushing in... wah! go away! I don't want to cry...) as I was on maternity leave then, I searched and dowloaded the song. From then on, I will play the song many times everyday I'm at work.

Then.... I got used to it. I thought, I'm losing the intense desire to hear it most of the time. I even came to a point when I wouldn't play it at all. I would just skip it and play another track.
And then tonight, I have heard the song again. I realized that I never actually got used to it, i was just too focused then on other new tracks I came by. Tonight, I realized that Jenny is indeed a great song and it still caught my interest (to my surpirse) the instant I heard it playing. Ah well.

*If you want to listen to the track, you find it here.

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