Why I Love Pau Gasol?

No. Certainly, I am not dropping off the Spurs for the Lakers. That won't happen, even if my husband would always tease me to change team after Hornets defeated the Spurs in two consecutive games. Not in my life! I think I may have swore an allegiance to the Spurs. That's why I'm like this. Hahaha... Now, now, I'm dreaming of Knight's Era once again.

Well, I'm not changing team allegiance but I can't deny the fact that yes, I love Pau Gasol. So why do I love him? Here are some of the reasons;

arrow He's cute (now, won't you all agree?) and he's got talent. A combination that not many can have. Hahaha..
arrow He looks like a terrorist (according to my husband) but he's got a big heart...
arrow According to Jerry West, Pau is a "Very good player and a great kid."
arrow According to USA Today, he is the one who made it hip to be a Lakers fan (uh, i might agree, i might agree... hahaha)
arrow He's among the men who helped Kobe get his very first MVP trophy...
arrow And.. just like me, he loves basketball ever since he was a kid...

Ah well, you'll find it easy to love(?) someone who loves the same thing you love. Don't you think so? mrgreenlolredface

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