The San Antonio Spurs; On and Off The Court

This blog post is dedicated to the San Antonio Spurs (I just hope someone might dig into this.. hehe)

Anyway, this post is a sort of getting-to-know each of the players. Of course, including the mighty coach, Coach Popovich. (Hmmm... as of now, I am still gathering the info I need for this post so for the meantime, please bear with me and enjoy the on and off court photo comparison I made..)

Tim Duncan
( the highest paid player in the team)

Tony Parker
(Always good-looking; on and off the court)

Manu Ginobili
(Love 'im!)

Bruce Bowen
(Bears the same number as my husband; not look alike though :D)

Matt Bonner
(He owns a white Pontiac Grand Prix.. cool!)

Kurt Thomas
(The power forward)

Robert Horry
(You've probably seen him in NBA Live 07)

Fabricio Oberto
(An Olympic Gold Medalist)

Michael Finley
(Jordan wants him to wear his clothing line :D)

Jacque Vaughn
(He was an outstanding student.. Nice..)

Ime Udoka
(The small forward)

Damon Stoudamire
(The prodigal one... I'm not telling why.. hehe)

And now.... Let's honor the mighty coach... No other than Coach Greg Popovich!!! *drum rolls please...*

Coach Greg Popovich
(Making things happen.. though not recently.. :D)

And there's one more player in the team. He's not yet seen in action with Spurs but he is part of it... Details to follow...

Ian Mahinmi
("The Project"... whatever that means.)

I'll be updating this post soon.... In the meantime, don't you think they could all somehow pass for Hollywood? :D

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  1. Manu Ginobili >> the 6th man extraordinaire and i love him!.. Vamos Argentina!! [for the Beijing Olympics, heheh] i've heard that the Spurs are eyeing on Tiago Splitter, he'll definitely be a good fit for the spurs aging lineup.

    it's sad though that the spurs didn't make it to the finals. but it's alright, guess we'll just have to wait next season. =) we'll be seeing some changes on the spurs' roster, i'm sure.

  2. I think they all can. :) NBA Stars aren't new in holywood nowadays.