NBA's Rookie of the Year is....

No other than KEVIN DURANT!

Wow! That's amazing! Well, at least for me. Hehe.

Looking back, I've seen him first during the NBA Drafts. And yes, it was lucky for the Sonics to have him. I've seen the videos (which was shown during the drafting) when he was still playing for the University of Texas. And he was pretty good. You see, he has just finished his freshman year when he entered the NBA Draft.

Ah, and imagine, he was already being compared to Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Garnett even before joining the NBA. And you know what? He has signed a $60 million endorsement contract for Nike. This is a feat that no other rookie, except for LeBron James, has ever achieved. During that time, he declined a $70 million offer for Adidas; opting for Nike. Why? That's because he's been wearing Nike all his life. Hmmm... That's one Nike loyal you've got there. Hehe..

Anyway, how did he received the news of being this year's Rookie of the Year? He went back to sleep. That's right! Hahaha... Kinda strange, isn't it? Well, he said that he was sleeping when his mom got the call about his being awarded that. His mom was screaming and woke him up and he was so happy according to him. And then, he went back to sleep as he was still tired from all the hustles and bustles of the previous games.

Oh, well! Maybe people just have different ways of receiving great news. And i must admit, i like Durant's way. It's funny and odd. :D

*Kevin Durant was second overall in 2008 NBA Draft.*

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