It's Game 7 for the Hawks and Boston!

It's series tied for the Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics. And game 7 is on the way.

As i was writing this post, the game just ended with 100-103. The Hawks got home court advantage and maybe that's a great factor at their winning game 6 today. However, I'm afraid for them 'cause game 7 is scheduled at Boston's home court. Ah, well. I hope they get lucky and beat Boston on Sunday. Boston may be dangerous for the Spurs so I hope they don't get to face the Spurs on the second round. Hahaha...

Anyway, congrats Atlanta! It's Game 7 and I'm sure it would be fun!

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  1. Whoa!.. Never expected the Hawks would survive this series until Game 7!.. Cheers to them!.. And for the Celtics, it is going to be make or break on Game 7.

    I'd love to see the Cavs face the Celtics ;)