It's Game 3!

Yey! Game 3 for the Western Conference Finals is set to happen few hours from now. And since the Spurs got court advantage, I hope they get this game to even the series at 2-2. Oh well, I hope they're all back on track from this day onwards. It would hurt me sooo much to see them lose to the Lakers (over reacting?).

But honestly, I am afraid now that San Antonio might actually lose to Los Angeles. There have been some forecasts as to them losing. And I'm beginning to realize that, indeed, the Lakers is a team that's tough to beat. They have aggressive players; young and energetic at that. They have a solid teamwork. They have Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol. Most of all, they've got Kobe Bryant. Yes, right now, the Lakers got the best one on court in the persona of Kobe. After all, he's this season's MVP.

Actually, I don't mind that much if we the Spurs lose. It's just so frustrating to watch the guys playing differently. I mean, hey, they're not like this last year. And the BIG 3 are not even performing like they used to.

Geez. I'm finding it hard to breath. Maybe it's my asthma again. Or maybe, I am damn anxious about what the outcome of the game would be. Maybe both.

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