The End...

A few seconds ago, the San Antonio Spurs' journey to the NBA Finals has ended. The Los Angeles Lakers will be playing against whoever wins in the East for this season's NBA Finals. Yes. It was painful and sad. Not that I'm overreacting again. I mean, hey, I've been longing to see them back in the Finals this season... been wanting to since the NBA Drafts in June 2007. And I've always had high hopes that they'll be making a tour in the Finals again... and I would be full with excitement again...

But, hey, just like what I've written on my other blog, I have accepted the fact that they will indeed lose to the Lakers. Well, that's basketball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And this time, the Spurs lose. But, I know that they'll have a big comeback next season.

Right now... I am sad and down... but I am being optimistic. At least, that's a good sign. :)
By the way... Congrats Lakers! Congrats Charlie!

*I wanted this post to be in black fonts to go with the mood. Obviously, it's not possible.. mrgreen*

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  1. It's okay mina. pagbigyan mo na ang Lakers! Sabi nga nila, "Our Team, Our Time...Our MVP!" Sain ka pa? Goodluck na lang sa SA Spurs next season. :D

  2. Well, I guess there's nothing I can do but to go with the flow... Hahaha... However, I have decided I'll be siding with whoever wins in the East.. =))