Cavaliers vs Spurs Part 2?

With LeBron compiling a triple-double, that's 27 points, 13 rebounds and 13 assists, the Cavaliers finally won the series against the Wizards.

Yes. Just few minutes ago, the Cleveland Cavaliers finally emerged victorious after beating the Washington Wizards, 105-88 on Washington's home court.

Geez! Do I have to watch them fight against the Spurs on the finals just like last year? Ah, well. I'll just wait for the second round of eliminations to end and keep my fingers crossed that the Spurs will make it to the finals again. And when that time comes and they're facing Cleveland again, I'll be very glad to see the high hopes on LeBron's face crushed once again.

Not much of a LeBron fans, am I? You bet! Sorry, guys. He's great I know. But, i don't know why i can't bring myself to like him the way I like Duncan or Nowitzki or even Nash. *sigh* I guess that's the way things are and I don't mind to stay this way... Hahaha...

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