Bad Day!

Wonder why I don't have enthusiastic posts about the latest happenings in the NBA Semis?

Because I don't have the energy to do it! Arggg!
As i was writing this post, I feel like sleeping.... And the Spurs is in a 0-2 hole against Hornets. *sigh* I can't contain this feeling. I hadn't ate lunch when the Spurs was beaten last Monday (Sunday in the US) and now, i don't feel like eating again. I think that if the Spurs loses to the Hornets and lost the chance to get into the finals, i won't be eating in a week...

Now, now. I'm exaggerating a bit here. Of course, i can't do that! Hahaha! But, honestly, it would feel so bad.

Ah well! I just have to be optimistic, won't i? They'll make it in game 3 and sweep it up to enter the Finals. *well, i'm keeping my fingers crossed*

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