No, I'm not going to talk about the Russian's Kalashnikov assault rifle (though I must admit, I am really interested on that stuff). This blog is all about Utah Jazz's small forward, Andrei Kirilenko (pronounced as KEER-uh-LENK-oh) who is popularly known as AK-47.

Hmmm... when i first heard from my husband that Andrei's been nicknamed that, i thought "I wonder why?". Then, my husband explained to me that Andrei is a Russian, bears the number 47 and his initials are AK. Too much of a coincidence, maybe? Haha. So that's why he's called AK-47...

Andrei Kirilenko (AK) + #47 = AK-47!

Let me tell you about the small things that I know about this guy... Well, he was born in Izhevsk and grew up in St. Petersburg. His birthday is February 18, 1981. He was actually the youngest European player to be ever drafted in the National Basketball Association (NBA) at the age of 18 on June 1999. Utah Jazz then got the 24th pick and selected him.

And now, the AK-47 is among the most valuable assets that Utah Jazz has. He's now averaging 11 PPG (points per game), 4.7 RPG (rebounds per game) and 4 APG (assists per game). And did you know how much this young man is earning? Oh well, his 2008 contract is worth $13,735,000 (more than half a billion pesos.. hehe).

Anyway, Jazz is not much among my favorite NBA teams. I just got interested with Kirilenko's nickname. Perhaps that's because he's called AK-47, a word i often encounter with my spy novels. :)

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