NBA Playoffs!

Yey! It's gonna be "PLAYTIME" on April 20!!!

Wuhuuuu! I'm so excited to see great hoops and showdown of moves on the hard court again! I remember before (a long time a go), i would skip school or work just to watch an NBA Playoff. Haha. I know, I know, I know that's bad. But hey! I can't help it at that time. I was just so in love with watching playoffs. Oh, I still do but i know my priorities now. :D

Hmmm... but maybe it won't hurt to skip a day or two? Hahahaha. Of course it would! I've got loads of things to do. I promise, though, that i will watch a game or two when I'm at home.

*Sigh* I am a little worried for San Antonio. If they're playing against LA Lakers, they may have thin chance if they ain't working on some solution. Hayyyzz... I love Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant. But, not when they're playing against Spurs. *Sigh*

I wonder who made it to the East's 8th spot.... Atlanta or Indiana? I guess i have to check the sports news later.


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