Bad Luck for Dallas, eh?

It was an awesome game. Dirk Nowitzki was once again giving his all for the team. Jason Terry was showing his antiques like always. However, both Jason Kidd and Josh Howard were struggling for points. And Coach Avery Johnson was agitated especially when Kidd got ejected for hard-fouling Pargo.

Yes, it was an awesome game but not so awesome that Dallas got defeated (almost massacred) by Hornets yesterday morning (Sunday evening in the US). It was clear that Dallas was missing Lady Luck on that game. Imagine, a layup from Nowitzki that missed? The layup was almost in the bag... but what the heck? It missed! I almost fell from my seat. And to think Dallas has court advantage. It was really bad that they have tough luck but it was badder that Chris Paul is playing against them. You see, he is a small player with a "lighting speed". And if you're out of luck and he's your opponent, then its bye bye winning trophy.

Oh well, however it ended, i still give a thumbs up to Dirk and the rest of the guys. They still deserve it. Well, I'll always love Dirk, won't I? Hehe...

*sigh* I also felt bad about Denver being almost at the losing end against the Lakers. Whatever happened to the antiques of Allen Iverson and Carmelo Anthony plus JR Smith. *sigh*

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