This morning, while browsing Yahoo! Sports for NBA Playoffs updates (NBA.com is SonicWalled here at the office), i came across the team standings. Like what I've posted yesterday, Hornets is leading the series, 3-1, against Dallas. Oh, yeah! It's just so sad to see these guys almost at the losing end. Well, there may be miracle and they could still end up a spot in the semis.

On the other hand, I have almost jumped up and down when i saw that Spurs is leading the series against Suns, 3-1. You see, to my dismay, i haven't got the chance to watch any Spurs vs Suns game when I'm at home. But, with what I just found out, I'd say Tim, Tony, Manu and the rest of the guys are doing pretty good. Wah! I just hope they won't end up facing Lakers in the end; i know the road will be tougher when that happens. Oh, but i should not worry too much since Coach Popov will surely find a way out, right?

Anyway, time for me to go back to work. See yah! :)

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