And the "SUN" Rose in Denver Instead...

When Shaq joined the Phoenix Suns, he said "The Sun will rise in Phoenix." Well, looks like it wasn't the case last Thursday (Phil. time; Wednesday in the US).

The game ended up with "The SUN rising up in Denver" instead, with a 126-113 finish. Anyway, neither is my favorite so i don't give much damn. Hehe. But, well, i should say that it was an amazing and very enjoyable game to watch. And i just love that great pass that Steve Nash done. Sadly, i didn't get a shot of that. Instead, i have the layup that Shaq did with that pass. Here...

That was indeed a great move and happened in the 3rd quarter. But, well, that never did the trick. With Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson keeping their bags of magic open towards the end of the game, the Hill-Nash-O'Neal tandem is no match. And just look at the scores. You'd think they played overtime. It was just a night full of great hoops.

Well, i just have to be glad Spurs is leading the Western Conference again (tied with the Lakers). I'll surely be waiting for the finals again. :)

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