Valentine's Day Tips from a Non-Expert! :D

Love is in the air once again. Few days from now and the world will be celebrating St. Valentine's Day. Surely, lots of couples are now planning for their respective dates. And everybody's thinking of ways to say their "I Love Yous" to their special someone. Ah, restaurants and parks will be full of lovers this time of the year. hehe.

Hmmm... this post aims to give you some tips on your Valentine's Day celebration. Here it goes...

Say it with FLOWERS!

Is there anything romantic than receiving flowers? Yes, your sweethearts will love them. Most girls' defenses crash down when given flowers. I should know, I'm one of them. Hehe.

Express sweetness with CHOCOLATES!

This is another thing that most women love to receive; especially on Valentine's. Come on! Indulge your love ones with treats and sweets.

Cakes and Cookies, Anyone?

If you're into personalized gifts but would want to give your sweethearts something sweet, then give them cakes or cookies. Yes, there are now lots of shops which offer customized and personalized cakes. They may be pricey sometimes, but hey, it's your sweety! Give them something that will make them feel really special. Even once.

Say it with Balloons!

Aw! Balloons are sweet! And they are also expressive (Killjoys, shut up!) and are great Valentine's surprise. You can also have them printed with anything that you want to say to your sweethearts. And you can choose from wide variety of shapes and colors. Nice!

And of course, Romantic Dates!

Now, this is the ultimate surprise and also the number 1 on the list of most women. Yes, most women love to be pampered and a special romantic date will surely bring them joy. Now, depending on your interests, you can choose from candle light dinner, a romantic date on some parks or historical place, etc. If you are opting for candle light dinner, never forget to set the ambiance right. And when i say right ambiance, it includes romantic music that perhaps you both like or perhaps you can sing her the song. It would be sooo romantic. And this is also the right time to propose; in fact, the romantic ambiance will help you make her say YES!

So there... after the date and proposal, prepare the wedding right away! You're not getting any younger! Hahahaha... :)

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  1. how about simply just saying it :) with or without the flowers or chocolates, if she loves you then she'd love you even more for saying it out loud!