A Treasure Hunting I Would Never Forget!

I really enjoy visiting Booksale. This is a small bookstore selling books at very affordable prices. Wonder where it got it's name? Should you now? How about a book worth 105php which sells at 175php at other educational supply stores? Now, that would give you a clue.

And you know what made me so excited about the store? Well, just last week after work, i visited the store to look for something that might add up to my collections of spy novels. Then i saw a table with books and a tag saying "Clearance Sale! 25php up!". Wow, that's so cheap right? Hmm... so i dug on the piles of books to see if there's anything interesting. And lo and behold! I found 4 books at 45php each. And guess what? They are from my favorite authors! Yey!

Well, i found two books from no other than Tom Clancy! Yes, i now have Tom Clancy's Op-Center and Net Force "Night Moves". And just for 45php each, that's quite exciting! Imagine, i would normally buy Tom Clancy's books with prices from 105php to 200php. Now, i have two Clancy books at only 90php; less than the cost of a single book. Whoa!

Anyway, i have also found a book from Dean Koontz entitled The Road to December. I know that this is also a good book since Dean Koontz writes well. And i have also found a copy of Nelson Demille's The General's Daughter. This one is a really superb one. I used to have a copy of this one but it was damaged beyond salvage when Reming hitted Bicol. So was i so glad to have a copy of this one once again! And both of this book also at 45php each!

Whoa! I have found really nice treasures to add to my treasure chest! All that in one day! I could be a good miner, perhaps. Hehe.

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