I Found "The Russia House"!

I almost forgot to post this... Good thing, it came up on my mind few minutes before i left the office. Yeah, in 15 minutes i'll be off and will go home.

Well, this post is about my book hunting yesterday. I have visited Booksale again yesterday hoping that they already have copies of Frederick Forsyth's books. Well, last week i went there and told the shop owner to reserve me a copy of Icon, The Devil's Alternative and The Day of the Jackal. Sadly, i forgot to come back for them. And when i asked the shop owner yesterday, he told me that he sold them to other shoppers because i never showed up as promised.

My heart fell upon hearing what he has to say. Anyway, it's my fault so i don't blame him; not a bit. So what i did yesterday was to look for other book titles i may be interested in. And you know what? I felt so lucky! Why? Because i found a copy of John Le Carre's Russia House! And i've been looking for this copy since i've decided to fill up my collections of books again.

But, that's not all! I have bought the book for only Php30! Imagine that! This book will mostly cost 100-150 in other book shops. And i bought it for only a fraction of the usual price! I could've literally shout and jump up and down had it not for other shoppers inside the store. Well, i suppress my feelings as i don't want them to think I'm insane. Hehehe....

And i am so glad that the book cost less but is still in good condition. That's why i really love buying books from Booksale. They have the most reasonable prices for books and theirs are all in good condition.

I meant to post a picture of the book here but unfortunately, i don't have my camera with me. But, i promise to have the photos posted here soon as i have my camera.


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