In Requiem

I am creating this blog post not because I am a BIG Hollywood fanatics. No, I'm not into following the brightest stars of Hollywood religiously. I am just touched and moved by an incident that had, in fact, moved many all over the world. Yes, this is all about the sudden death of a promising actor; an actor i have adored in the film A Knight's Tale. And I am paying him a little tribute.


So long and good bye! I will certainly miss the KNIGHT i have known several years back. The KNIGHT i have adored when i was still in high school. In the movie that started my interest in royalties and knighthood. In the movie where i first saw you act; an acting so brilliant.

It's just so ironic. You even said in one of your interviews that you don't wanna die young. And now this...

May you Rest in Peace.

So long Heath...

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