The Bourne Identity

Few weeks back, i have finally read the book of Robert Ludlum entitled The Bourne Identity. I have longed to read this book a year ago. The reason? I saw the film adaptation of The Bourne Identity and i don't think i follow it. Truth is, i have read some parts of the novel but haven't got to finish it for reason i couldn't remember. And although i was thrilled to see Matt Damon portraying Jason Bourne in the film, i was not happy that i can sense some irrelevance.

And after finishing the novel, i've told myself "Yes, the movie is indeed different from the novel." And as i've done further research about the film adaptation, i found out that Robert Ludlum has even distanced himself from the movie because of the differences. Like in the novel, Jason Bourne has found a Canadian economist named Marie St. Jacques and used her to escape the authorities in Zurich. In the film, however, Jason Bourne was getting help from Marie Helena Kreutz, a German traveler. And the film included several characters who were actually not on the book. The operations of Treadstone Seventy-One are also significantly different in the film. Treadstone Seventy-One is a secret organization funded by the government who trained Jason Bourne and controlled him before he lost his memory.

But, oh well, that's how most film adaptations are. And i guess there's nothing we can do about it; they need to get their money back. :)

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