PBA's Royal Rumble

No, I'm not talking about a literal wrestle mania in the Philippine Basketball Association (though that happens most of the time, hehe). What i mean is that there have been lots of changes and reshuffling in the league lately.

*San Miguel Beermens became the Magnolia Beverage Masters and they are empowered by no other than JC Intal. Of course, the gang is still intact with Hontiveros, Tugade, Seigle, Tenorio and Ildefonso.
*It seems that Talk And Text Phonepals don't want Asi Taulava anymore as he is now playing with the Coca-Cola Tigers.
*Wonder who replaces Asi? No other than Ali Peek of Coca-Cola Tigers. So in short, there was a trade in between the Tigers and the Phonepals.
*This season is also the commencement of few UAAP cagers' career. Including Kramer, Bono and (as mentioned) Intal.

And to end this post, i would like to tell those Beermen fans that they've had a great victory over the Phonepals last night. Imagine, the Phonepals were leading the game with 24 points but the Beermens, now Beverage Masters, were really the "Masters" as they slowly trimmed the leads until the scores tied. And at the end, Tugade made the 3-point shot with 2 seconds remaining in the clock. Ending the game with a dismay to the Phonepals and a ball game victory to the Beverage Masters. That was a nice game i should say. :)


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