Batman will Return as "The Dark Knight"

After the commercial success of Batman Begins in 2005, the sequel entitled The Dark Night is set for release on July 18, 2008. Christopher Nolan has once again handled the directing jobs for the film and Christian Bale reprises his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman. You will, however, miss Katie Holmes in this sequel as she turned down offers to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes. Instead, Maggie Gyllenhaal will be portraying Rachel Dawes in the film.

And Heath Ledger fans would surely love to know that he's in this film. He will be playing the role of "The Joker". Michael Caine is still playing as Alfred Pennyworth while Gary Oldman reprises his role as James Gordon; he's now a Lieutenant. Morgan Freeman also reprises his role as Lucius Fox although he's been promoted in The Dark Knight film.

Another thing that movie-goers would surely love is the redesigned Batsuit and the addition of the Batcycle known as the "Batpod" to Batman's gadgets. An IMAX camera has been used in filming this movie so a great result could be expected.

For sure, i'll be looking forward to seeing this film myself. And I'm excited! :)

:) *mina*

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  1. i'm a fan of the batman series, however, i still find it frustrating that the sequels do not quite have the same quality as the first movie.

  2. I agree. But, i'll just find reason to enjoy this movie. hehe. :)