The Hunt For Red October

This blog post is all about my favorite spy novel written by no other than Tom Clancy. This is all about "The Hunt For Red October". A book i have not only chosen as favorite because of its entertaining plots and characters but because it has taught me a lot. Yes, this fictional work of art has taught me things that excites me; things involving military tactics and artillery. You see, I am a frustrated service women. Even when i was a kid i would always say that i wanted to join the armed forces. My parents never gave me their blessings on the idea, though. They are afraid to have me dead at 25. Hahaha!

Well, back to the main topic. About The Hunt for Red October, i could say that this is the best book i have read. And why shouldn't it be? This is the book that has launched the writing career of Tom Clancy. And started the epic of Jack Ryan.

Let me tell you a little background of the novel. The Hunt for Red October is basically a spy novel revolving on the story of a Russian sub-skipper attempting to defect to the United States. The sub-skipper's story will eventually be intertwined with Jack Ryan, then a CIA analyst. Jack Ryan became involved as he deduced the possible plan that the Russian sub-skipper may have in mind. The novel ended with the submarine Captain successfully brought the Red October to the United States. The United States then covered the submarine and its crew from the pursuing fleet of the Soviets. They then staged a scuttling of submarine, the Ethan Allen, and made the Soviets believed that the Red October was sunk.

The background of the novel was actually based on two real incidents; both with intentions of defections.

If you are into spy novels, you would surely love this novel. It's still, actually, the most successful book published by the US Naval Institute Press. And in fact, this novel was adopted into film years ago and it was also well-received.

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